Almost a year

Yup! Lil one dah almost 1 yo..sgt super cute bile jalan tp try balancing..terkangkang2 jadinyer.heheh… Xsaba nak tgu nak sign up kan lil adnin into swimming class..owh surely i will cry!

Hehehe..yes,i cried when i first met adnin..dgr suara die nangis,terus leleh air mata..then cried again at 6 mons.when frst introduce lil adnin to solid food..i rs mcm she dah slowly grown up.dlu,she 100% bergantung makan kat my milk.skrg she has her own choices..then i silently cried again when she started bjalan..ermmm terus mama dah besar…..

And alhamdulillah,she is turning 1yo in 2 days..xsabanyer!! Hehe


10 months

Adnin dah 10 mons! Alhamdulillah dpt spend time with hubby n our gorgeous lil one..sgt2 syukur. 🙂

Dpt tgk die tdo,minum susu,makan,merangkak..memanjat.n now,bertatih dah..owh how i miss moments tgh sarat pregnant kan
die..nyawa ku,nyawa nya..darah ku,darah nya,jantung ku,jantung nya..

Syukran ya Robbi 🙂

Sleep tight baby

We went home.i take bath before make fettucine carbonara for dinner, while he played with lil one..then,lil one felt asleep in his arm..when it is only 8pm!i waited for her to wake up,but no success.shes still sleeping until now,1am..owh how i missed to play with lil one today..

welcome 2012

Hello dear,

Hope it is not too late to wish you happy new year 2012 🙂

So my new reso for this year will be to grab all opportunities out there. nowadays. we have to think smart and good opportunities rarely comes twice. and also, for the money value of course. heheheh.

my lil adnin has turns 7 dah pandai crawling, n memanjat.hamboih panjat mmg pandai. nak turun? haaaa tau takot plak cik nin kecik tu. haish

yes, cik nin. my friends now love to call adnin as cik nin. they got inspired from “hantu kak limah balik rumah” kot. ade la plak kan?cet penat papa n mama carik good name for you kan sayang tayang mayang? anyway, for those who doesnt knw, adnin or (adn’) is a name of a syurga. then nur adnin bring the meaning of cahaya syurga adn’

cepat betul masa flies.

Al-’Asr 103: (1-3)

“[1]Demi Masa![2]Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian –[3]Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar.”

2010– cyst operation, conceived a baby

2011– delivered our little sweetheart, nur adnin binti mohd azmil

2012– Insyaallah good year to my family, my friends, and myself.

Beautiful life

Alhamdulillah.syukur for everything. Nur adnin was born on 8th june,2011.
Sehari after brthday her acu,n same date with her second cousin,qisya amani. Gemini baby..she s sooo special n meant the world to us..insyaallah,we will love her,n take care of her selagi diizinkan olehNya.

peaches our dear

hehehe.. sume wonder apsal la peaches ni plural ye.. bukan peachy ke..

aritu hubby n i dok panggil baby, baby, baby to our lil one in tummy. tp mcm sume org pon tgh prgnnt and panggil baby i ask mel, nak panggil baby dlm perut ni ape ye? sbb still small time tu..xtau sex baby pon. xkan nak panggil name yg kitrg dah reserved plak kan? ade 2, boy and girl..

mel pon teringat cite ice age 3. time elle nak deliver baby, die bg secret word Peaches. then they named their baby as Peaches. kite pon rs mcm ok je panggil baby dlm perut tu Peaches. then..lekat lah…ade yg perasan Peaches is watak cartoon dlm Ice Age yg notice nyer guy/ boy. hehehe..klaka plak. guys ke yg tgk cartoon skrg ye?

so lil peaches, our baby dear…today is 19th May 2011. esok brthday ayah, 20th May..nnt peaches pon edd 20th June..lg sebulan je kite nak jmp ye?hehe cant wait!!till then good ya!!

8 months

more fatigue i must say. so get ready mummies! peaches is doing great.kicking and boxing inside.

sometimes, i think peaches is a girl. bcause of the strong movement. but then, sometimes..i just think maybe he is a boy. due to statistic of newborn babies this year. mostly boy babies. maybe of the lifestyle nowadays? or the food we take?

anyway, mel and me are ok with the baby’s sex. since peaches is the oldest. so boy or girl, its ok baby..we just  waiting for your safely and soonest arrival. hopefully you are ok inside, syg..

congrats to dear abg mood n k wan for their Muhreez Mahmood. what a precious gift on mom’s day! hehe..cant wait to meet the lil hero in family.

also to amed n mamin darling. both are gifted with a special new born baby girl. they are promoted as parents on 12th May 2011. hopefully they are doing fine and learning well. hihi!!

mahani n hubby, u also!!take good care of urself and baby. have a happy confinement ok dear?

for hubby, thanks so much for being here with me. this month have been lil difficult for me.  high BP, the office workload, swollen legs n body, the fatigue, i just fell useless of me. i really miss my healthy body. jumping here and there, laughing without any short breath,  walk fast..

and i miss rewards and leisure as a woman!ngehngehngeh ngade ni. i miss having a  spa, i miss shopping..and i miss eating too!yup..i must measure everything i eat now.

urm..there goes my 8 months…so 9 months, please be good to us! pretty please!!!!

he’s my guardian angel

yes he is.. he always be on my side.

during our first week of hubby and wife, we both got caught a fever..we shift to cook porridge or call McDelivery. it was so funny.. 🙂 sharing same bed with same high temperature.hehehe

last 2 months, after find out about the cyst..i freak out and the only things that matters to me, he was there. i am so sad n scared. but, only looking at him,knowing him i feel safe.

tonight, i think i got salah makan during lunch. i keep rushing to toilet to vomit. i am seriously tired. but there he is, prepare a dinner meal for us..

i could never thanked him enough..he is my guardian angel.

terima kasih sayang

shhhh confession


almost sume tau i and mel dah 2 years in marriage. cite pasal die je, dah berbunga plak hati..hehehe.. :p even naik lrt pon selang 3 station jek..
so, ramai yang tanye…”dah ade isi?”, “xpregnant lagi ke?”, “bile nak prgnnat?”, “any hot news”?

sumtimes, i really pissed off ngan all those stupid ques tau.really sorry for the words. but that is what i felt. caner i suppose to knw bile i will get preggie?itu kan sume kuasa Dia.

appreciate for those yang xputus2 bg support.. sume sweet people, you knw who you are..i really touched when nenek pegi umrah and bought me daun utk subur..k syanas bg buah hawa..and tokmek call from kelantan to suh i pegi berurut situ sini..all the loves, i knw that i am not alone..

my love for mel is still going healthy..smooth sailing..Alhamdulilllah syukur. tp i need a refresher la..(nak g holiday le tu) :p

Peeps, dun worry..when Allah makbulkan doa kami dan kalian, Insyallah korg sume akan ade anak buah baru ye.. 🙂

so sbnarnyer yg melalut2 ni..i nak bgtau that i have PCOS.. there are small multiple cyst in my ovari.. that will cause a problem to, skrg..i m now tgh consider to serah diri for small surgery to remove all the cyst..i xtau bile sbb works are killing me..and i xtau bile nak ready..ermmm..

pray for me?