peaches our dear

hehehe.. sume wonder apsal la peaches ni plural ye.. bukan peachy ke..

aritu hubby n i dok panggil baby, baby, baby to our lil one in tummy. tp mcm sume org pon tgh prgnnt and panggil baby i ask mel, nak panggil baby dlm perut ni ape ye? sbb still small time tu..xtau sex baby pon. xkan nak panggil name yg kitrg dah reserved plak kan? ade 2, boy and girl..

mel pon teringat cite ice age 3. time elle nak deliver baby, die bg secret word Peaches. then they named their baby as Peaches. kite pon rs mcm ok je panggil baby dlm perut tu Peaches. then..lekat lah…ade yg perasan Peaches is watak cartoon dlm Ice Age yg notice nyer guy/ boy. hehehe..klaka plak. guys ke yg tgk cartoon skrg ye?

so lil peaches, our baby dear…today is 19th May 2011. esok brthday ayah, 20th May..nnt peaches pon edd 20th June..lg sebulan je kite nak jmp ye?hehe cant wait!!till then good ya!!


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