Almost a year

Yup! Lil one dah almost 1 yo..sgt super cute bile jalan tp try balancing..terkangkang2 jadinyer.heheh… Xsaba nak tgu nak sign up kan lil adnin into swimming class..owh surely i will cry!

Hehehe..yes,i cried when i first met adnin..dgr suara die nangis,terus leleh air mata..then cried again at 6 mons.when frst introduce lil adnin to solid food..i rs mcm she dah slowly grown up.dlu,she 100% bergantung makan kat my milk.skrg she has her own choices..then i silently cried again when she started bjalan..ermmm terus mama dah besar…..

And alhamdulillah,she is turning 1yo in 2 days..xsabanyer!! Hehe