8 months

more fatigue i must say. so get ready mummies! peaches is doing great.kicking and boxing inside.

sometimes, i think peaches is a girl. bcause of the strong movement. but then, sometimes..i just think maybe he is a boy. due to statistic of newborn babies this year. mostly boy babies. maybe of the lifestyle nowadays? or the food we take?

anyway, mel and me are ok with the baby’s sex. since peaches is the oldest. so boy or girl, its ok baby..we just  waiting for your safely and soonest arrival. hopefully you are ok inside, syg..

congrats to dear abg mood n k wan for their Muhreez Mahmood. what a precious gift on mom’s day! hehe..cant wait to meet the lil hero in family.

also to amed n mamin darling. both are gifted with a special new born baby girl. they are promoted as parents on 12th May 2011. hopefully they are doing fine and learning well. hihi!!

mahani n hubby, u also!!take good care of urself and baby. have a happy confinement ok dear?

for hubby, thanks so much for being here with me. this month have been lil difficult for me.  high BP, the office workload, swollen legs n body, the fatigue, i just fell useless of me. i really miss my healthy body. jumping here and there, laughing without any short breath,  walk fast..

and i miss rewards and leisure as a woman!ngehngehngeh ngade ni. i miss having a  spa, i miss shopping..and i miss eating too!yup..i must measure everything i eat now.

urm..there goes my 8 months…so 9 months, please be good to us! pretty please!!!!


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