shhhh confession


almost sume tau i and mel dah 2 years in marriage. cite pasal die je, dah berbunga plak hati..hehehe.. :p even naik lrt pon selang 3 station jek..
so, ramai yang tanye…”dah ade isi?”, “xpregnant lagi ke?”, “bile nak prgnnat?”, “any hot news”?

sumtimes, i really pissed off ngan all those stupid ques tau.really sorry for the words. but that is what i felt. caner i suppose to knw bile i will get preggie?itu kan sume kuasa Dia.

appreciate for those yang xputus2 bg support.. sume sweet people, you knw who you are..i really touched when nenek pegi umrah and bought me daun utk subur..k syanas bg buah hawa..and tokmek call from kelantan to suh i pegi berurut situ sini..all the loves, i knw that i am not alone..

my love for mel is still going healthy..smooth sailing..Alhamdulilllah syukur. tp i need a refresher la..(nak g holiday le tu) :p

Peeps, dun worry..when Allah makbulkan doa kami dan kalian, Insyallah korg sume akan ade anak buah baru ye.. 🙂

so sbnarnyer yg melalut2 ni..i nak bgtau that i have PCOS.. there are small multiple cyst in my ovari.. that will cause a problem to, skrg..i m now tgh consider to serah diri for small surgery to remove all the cyst..i xtau bile sbb works are killing me..and i xtau bile nak ready..ermmm..

pray for me?


13 thoughts on “shhhh confession

  1. babe sorry to hear dat.. btw mmg have to opt with surgery ke..cannot take medical pills or any other way..sounds scary imagining surgical operation of removing those cysts..huhu~ anyway dear, may Allah permudahkan everything for you darling. amin

    • sya..aku pon wonder jgk..but aku rs nak cepat2 setel everything..then, aku xde pon jmpe another doc for the second opt..should i?yg aku pegi pon specialist dahh

      • aku pon not really sure..but my sista ada cysts jugak p the doctor asked her to mkn the pill apa ntah. my sista jumpa 3 doc berbeza, the 2 docs nye opt adlh mkn pills utk stop period and let those thing kuar.cmtu la lebih krg. the pther doc, slh analyze kot sbb he said nothing. mgkn klu thru surgery ni condition nyer berbbeza kot. i tink gyne specialist shud be ok dh.

  2. hope semua berjalan lancar..n insyaAllah… satu hari nanti Allah akan memakbulkan doa hambaNya.. k.. hehe sama ngan akak..just kadang2 bengang coz family semua tak tanya.. yang lebih2 tanya adalah orang luar.. tukang bzbodi.. huhu..

    take care dear 🙂

  3. hey babe, hope you’re doing well.. i pray for a successful surgery surgery and speedy recovery. insyaAllah ade rezeki nanti kan…don’t get pressured easily k? love ya!

  4. Dun worry dear…Allah knows best for also ader cyst…around 2-3mm..mmg its hard to conceive, tp doc takde suruh operation, sbb dia kata ramai yang cyst tp masih boleh conceive..bergantung pada size cyst. InsyaAllah, kalau rezeki Allah dh kata utk kita..mmg ada..cpt dgn lambat jer..sabar yer..ape org nak cakap…terpulang..yang penting kite happy 🙂

    • insyaallah..cyst aku die berkampung kat menghalang sumthing2 eggs..ntah.xphm sgt..pastu dinding rahim doc clean kan everything..happy je kawen ngan pilot?kekekek

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