i enjoyed bad traffic

i never tot of saying that..

but its really heart me when it was raining, stuck with hubby, got nothing to do.. i just stare at him (yg handsommmmeee sgt tu.-yeay, i ngade ye shhhh)

and we shared a indulgence..owh baby.. it is what we called love.

thanks hubby!for the treat.and for the life.

p/s :peeps, get a cheese cake with u when u stuck in bad traffic.it helps!i knw i do!!hehe


2 thoughts on “i enjoyed bad traffic

  1. well yes, it’s alot more fun when ure not the driver. anyway that’s so sweeeeeeeettt you should reschedule ur travelling time so u could have that moment again hehe

    • aah babe..ktrg byk sgt plan nak kehulu ke hilir..but mase tu kne schedule btul2 kan..plus ina isgetting married end of this month. wish u were here!

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