food testing!


yup, last tym hubby, fyros, faz and me went to this restaurant. mmg we all wanted to go there da lame dah..mule nyer nak makan tomyam tepi jalan je.memandang kan xperlu la nak bersungguh sgt makan di tanggal tgh bulan.. :p

so bad kedai tomyam tu tutup..tetibe muke fyros and i berseri2, sdah pastinyer kami mahu ke rest happy four season.hakhakhak..

wokeh, this rest ye, mcm name nyer, ade decoration 4 me and fyros got to pilih season mane nak try..sibuk la nak try kat winter season…which they keep the temperature 15 c..and everything is so white.konon mcm salji lah..and the light is very dim…sgt xleh nak bace menu lah..mengenangkan sejuk and kemalapan nyer..huhu

so we did changed to spring season, which is so colorful…sgt suke.autumn season is soooo orange and summer just wallpaper kat beach je..

so makanan is ok jgk..i  order balinese fettucine. which i think not so much differ from the real fettucine pon.owh hubby so in love with the sup kambing.. and fayros get a lamb chop. and faz( recovering from chic pox) kne take healthy food. ngehngeh..poor u tym ye?


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