Her Bf has lung cancer

she s a friend. a good friend of mine. 2010, genap 10 years of our friendship… i miss her so much

last weekend i went to see her. but i get another bad news. she said her bf has lung cancer and in stage 4. nothing much that we can do. i look into her eyes…she s scared..she s sorry..

o0wh dear..im so shocked..

i wonder what will happen next. ..

she said..it could be ur last time saw him breathing. i shake the bf hands, i want to hug him tighly. go away bad dreams, go away bad luck..go away lung cancer!

syukur.. i feel so lucky..hubby is safe with me.unlike  her, her world will be dark, her world will be silent, will be mute..and no color anymore. ='(

i txt her..nothing much too offer.just letting her knw im always here. please keep strong baby..

and i keep thinking..that night, i cannot sleep..i think too much.i txt ayah how much i love him…and i cried.

mel is still spechless. shocked about the news.

p/s: al fatihah for ibu of along, mell, and eddy roslan…may ibu rest in peace.


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