comeback entry

its been so long from my last updates..  its just the company block the  blogspot domain. so i just can view tumblr, wordpress, livejournal, and etc.

but mostly of my fav people use blogspot. so dear sweet people, i really miss ur post..

works..i must say its a hectic to work in banking/ insurance line.. time is a golden u knw. sometime, i feel like i forget to breath. hihi..

but syukur, people here are nicey.. i have 7 colleague including me and team leader. and we are only 2 girls here. others are man. so paperworks, reports, documentation, summary, here come to me…

owh..its 5;56pm. i had to go. need to visit ayah pa..he got admitted at Pantai Hospital Bangsar. hopefully everything will be just fine. phew..


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