everything is not so much to be expected..bandung is not really ok..raining n macet.hubby’s passport expired..even the expiry date is on april 2010..ok sorry,we dnt knw the passport expiry date should be more than 6 mnths if we want to leave country.
And again,it was raining.but,im happy n thnkful for the time.alhamdulillah..i got to spend my weekend with my lovely 2 sisters.
Owh..i cnt wait for my birthday ths year.i dunno why.but im so excited


6 thoughts on “weekend

  1. alamak… sian azmil..patutla dia cakap tak adil.. kitorang pulak lupa nak share story if passport kena brape bulan..

    takpe..kdg2 kita tak perasan masa beli tiket kan?

    (da pun ada jgk aritu beli tiket krabi yg xjadi..tp kire2 xsampai 6 bulan pon paspot edan. urgh! nsb baik kitorang cancel because of pregnant,..kalo x..samada da g sorang or edan kena tahan sane..haha)

    • lynto!!aku pon.office block fb+blogspot+ym.so much nak update mu..
      erm..we’ll find a way eh?
      xdop secret pon.xtau nak reveal gano.hihii..keep in touch dear.i miss u!

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