yeay im so glad!tday i can say i can cook.well syukur on that.the secret ingredients is always the opening word “basmallah”. the food is to be serve to someone to i should prepared well, ready, sincere..and then br air tangan keluar.amin.

im proud.he says i can be a good chef.or is it a sign to keep me at the kitchen?

mama ask me to cook some nasi2 like nasi ayam, nasik lemak…i want to.tunggu yer.

owh and ayah ate my cook!dan sampai licin.we 3 sister siblings tau how difficult ayah to makan makanan hihi..i told nurin.and she said “ermm ayah mane makan nurin masak”.ok. lan, hanya pandai masak da lame xmakan lan masak.


ok for those who read ths entry.please be noted that im not a good nak belajar2 ni..jgn plak mengorder2 kat cni da ler.

p/s:kak wan, when you ll be back to cheras?lets plan another spaghetti n8 jom?

ok now im thiking of fettucine carbonara lagi. and lamb.


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  1. u want spaggeti?hehhe jadi dtg sini i’ll make one for u..;)

    before kawen k.wan really dun know how to cook tau…after kawen HARUS la masak sampai jadik sampai buleh makan kuikuikui

    • hihihi.k in pon da lupe masak itu lah kagum gile..da pon tau how cerewet uncle kan?tgk la air kopi kite buat yg smpai skrg xlepas2 tu..igt?

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