the longest entry of mine :p

so i past aidiladha’s post and outstation post.and 2 interviews post.hehe.cner nak conclude all of it ye?erm…i just read gorjes mum blog, n just found out her house kne masuk pencuri.ermm so shocked ok?

my aidiladha was sad ok. not that im not thankful enuf being with my in law’s family. family went to balik kampung. and suddenly i rase kena tinggal.fuh. all these while i yg tinggal my family.from kelantan to kl la..and from umah abg sar to kl jgk la.-last year aidiladha. pastu ttbe sad je…hubby plak getting super duper bz.even malam raye pon have to work. so i was at home.crying bcos miss my family. owh now pon, i rase nak cry.hihihi..

then i set plan with my bestie.wahh..sgt seronok.lunch at anne’s hse.yes she cooked.for those yg xigt anne, she does my make up on my engage day..haaa remember now meh?then kite plan for  swimming but weather sgt jeles of our cnt swim then.erkkk grrr..

another plan dengan my sktp girlfriends.huhuuh..u girls rawk!i love you.hahaha..not gossiping ok.laughing, eating n singing. yup..we went karaoke.lalalala..smpai xbyk lagu la star karaoke.ermmm xpe.pelan pelan la ye…

ok, kerch is successful deliver her first baby.wahh sgt cute.owh i promise her to buy her a nursing pillow. havent bought yet.huuuu..erm..wer to find eh?got window sopping to do. and yet, shopping!!

owh baby, i went to kuching last week. to finish up my seminar.watever whatever..i have fun with my new girlfriends.and they are very nicey….shall consider putting their name into “gang-rawk-box”.hait!

erm…news news!!!im thinking of moving out from JPSM!finally my call.i had attended 2 iv. and i got new offer.but another pending result.but i tryingly hard to get offer from the 2nd iv. so dear darling………………..puhlis pray for me ok? i asked them to ring me on tuesday.

tomorrow, ill be outstation lg.ths one is the last kuantan.wonder ape ye ade kat kuantan?tc..erm ikan patin..erm lagi?ghee…pg work tp plan to enjoy and finish my time kat JPSM.hihi..naughty. is saturday.i plan for a whole day dating with hubby..relaxing massage, warm breakfast, rock dinner.ermm remember i told u esok im out of town?tp kan. now at 12.16..havent had breakfast yet. 😦 really. tat is my face making faces.but hubby xnotice pon.skrg at his office.nk g jalan but e has to finish works.pape la………..saturday pon working kah?tipu2.

ok ape nak bubble lg ye?


6 thoughts on “the longest entry of mine :p

  1. will pray for u dear. wish u all the best in ur future undertakings. let’s enjoy this coming outstation k.

    my keluhan : baju g kuching pun x kering lagi. dh kena pack baju lg huhuh. me also alone today. most of family members from kl, from kb, gather kat kuantan attending my cousin wed.

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