fuh tired.its only monday but i think i surrender already..4 days to go?.and meeting make me sick.aiyo whatever whatever..

still i have 4 big meetings coming up ths GOD, puhless kidnap me from attending those meeting. =p

o0wh so i think we-female works should credit ourselves for our works. and as pemangkin for our hardwork-hard???.hehe.


this is should be enough for now. :p

A pink brief case for us!!yeay!i wonder briefcase always been why not pink?or yellow?-since i gave up on orange.owh or green?

hihihi. only yesterday delia, n kak wan n kak farah n kak yanti n HAIQAL-yes haiqal anak kak mimi make a complement for my new clutch-owh at least notice it..yeay!i really in love with the clucth!mwuah2 to my supporters!!i love u girls! now off to work.tata.  🙂


5 thoughts on “works.

  1. heh. mmg ok la clutch kak in tu. i wish i have one yg fancy2.. tp selalu pikir color2 camtu…harga pun mahal..haha. so da usually stick to the dull one. me color blind

  2. colorista only kfara kot?hihihi..huh.smlm i check on ths shop.they have LV purse for 259..wah…sgt jatuh cinta lg. 🙂

  3. Ain..aku dah beli purse Bonia..yg ade strap tu..255 after diskaun..hehehe tp bukan yg ade corak merah tu, amik yg all black..sbb abg ipar aku ckp macam kete aku..huhu

    Tak teringat ke handbag Paris Hilton tuh??

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