surprised prezzie :)

yup..we had a big fight.and i cried.a lot.ciyan me…hubby la jahat.then he bought me CRABTREE & EVELYN Rosewater. wah…im so surprised.and i felt in love hubby,if u think buying me things will cheer me up.u damn right dgn ikhlas nyer, kamu dimaafkan syg.heheheh.i love you so much.

so i googled the product.ths is what i got.i like it very damn much.i put it in my bags. when i use it, it reminds me of him.and the smells is so nice.smells like our love.i like it.i love it!

o0wh i also got a cutie pink glove.i ll find a place and time to use it.i promise you glove! 🙂

anyway,thanks happy it is you i always fight happy.i really am.pls dear God, bless our journey tgether.amin.


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