i miss titanic

i wanna watch titanic right now. i dunno. i just miss titanic..

dulu, i watch titanic at cinema with family. ayah took us there. then, i start to fall in love with the movie. its so sweet and a very sad movie.

i fell for jiwang mood. i think i have a swing mood.sekejap sad, sekejap mcm hantu je nak marah.

last night, i follow hubby to his ofc.until 10.30pm ok..i get bored. so i watch ‘night in rodanthe‘ while waiting..its a lovely story…sgt seronok. and u knw i cried again? and i love the house!!!but i heard the house is under construction skrg..so not available for inn.

i hate myself last night. i am so dramaqueen myself. erm kalo relate to blog gorges mum, saya ialah caca. hubby is gorjes mom. sbb die xlayan saya merajuk.cet.apada…


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